Quality & Safety

As one of the leaders in providing exceptional Ortho and Trauma care in Chennai, Parvathy Hospital is committed to maintaining world-class standards in patient care. With a Full Accreditation from the NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers) we have widespread recognition for the outstanding quality of care provided.

Parvathy Hospital is on its toes when it comes to complying with latest rules in hygiene and safety as mandated by the government, the NABH and other legally authorized bodies. Care at Parvathy Hospital is individualized and empathetic.

While creating a sustainable and safe environment for the treatment and recovery of patients, we ensure that patients have every information to make the best healthcare choices. We help you to move again painlessly, safely and as quickly as possible.

Infection Prevention and Control :

As a pioneer in specialist Orthopaedic treatment and surgeries, Parvathy Hospital places very high importance on the prevention and control of infection. Understanding the different factors that play a role in increasing infection, we follow a rigorous and holistic approach with absolute focus on practices and procedures at every stage to limit and prevent infection.

Our standards go beyond the mandated protocols and procedures of NABH and other regulatory bodies.

Our protocols include patient education, hand hygiene practice, clean room concepts, enhanced sterilization methods, infection limiting OR’s and infection reducing surgical practices. Our staff walk that extra mile to ensure the lowest infection rate.

The hospital staff wash their hands using an antibacterial gel and we have a hygiene compliance rate of 100%. Education to patients and their caregivers about hand hygiene is huge priority at Parvathy Hospital.

Take a look at our performance in the below mentioned parameters

Lowest Infection rate in the country for Joint Replacement Surgeries – 0.6%
Hand Hygiene Compliance – 100%
Patient Satisfaction scores – 98%


The ethos of Parvathy hospital is about continuous research and innovation in the field of Orthopaedics and Traumatology which makes us the pioneers in simplifying complex fractures.

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