Bio Medical Waste Disposal

In line with the notification (1998) by the Government of India and with every latest announcement and regulation regarding hospital waste management, Bio medical wastes at Parvathy Hospital are disposed with the utmost care and in adherence to the rules and guidelines of the government. The Bio Medical waste disposal process is a blue-printed process which is monitored on a regular basis.

Our staff involved in the process of Bio-medical waste collection, segregation and disposal are adequately trained and equipped to perform routine and emergency disposals. Involving a range of activities such as collection, transportation, treatment or operation of processing systems and the actual disposal of the waste; the hospital has incorporated a checklist at every critical stage to ensure that the right waste collection method is followed, depending upon the type of waste.

Bio Medical Waste Management process at Parvathy Hospital

While the actual disposal of the bio-medical waste is properly and legally contracted to a licensed third party, we take complete precautions and follow NABH standardized and certified procedures to collect, segregate and temporarily store bio –medical waste until time of disposal which is every 12 or 24 hours. The Bio-Medical Waste is also temporarily stored at a hospital owned facility outside the hospital premises.

Bio–medical waste at Parvathy Hospital is collected and segregated using the following colors of bags or containers meant specifically for this purpose.

  • Green:Food and non – infected waste , paper/cardboard and office waste
  • Red:Human Tissues, Organs, Body parts and fluids, soiled cotton and dressing, soiled plaster casts.
  • Yellow:Catheters, Tubes, Cannulae, Plastic IV bottles, used gloves, plastics, specimen containers
  • Blue:Sharps like used syringes, scalpels, blades, bottles
  • Black:Expired Medicines, X-ray Films

We place high emphasis on Personal Protective Equipment for the staff involved in bio – waste collection and segregation.  The house- keeping in-charge, Microbiologist and quality control personnel induct and train staff periodically on procedures and practice.

Periodic and spot assessments are held to maintain standards.  The process of bio- medical waste collection and segregation at Parvathy Hospital is also certified and validated by the NABH.

Personal Protective Equipment

– PPE and Hazmat Kits

Parvathy Hospital places very high importance on the safety and health of staff who are involved in the collection and segregation of Bio-Medical waste. Everyone in the Bio-medical waste team is equipped with the Personal Protective Equipment with training on the importance and use of the equipment. Hazmat Kits are always kept ready for use at critical care units, ORs and in every other facility. We follow separate procedures for the cleaning of cytotoxic and body fluids.

NABH standardized and certified procedures to collect, segregate and temporarily store bio –medical waste


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