Emergency Ambulance Relief Centers (EARC)

For Ambulance Services Call: +91 98412 98412

Fact Check # 1

The first hour after an accident is the ‘golden hour’ and the chances of saving life and limb during this period is at the maximum if the injured is taken to hospital and treated.

A deafening crash cuts through the cacophony of horns on the busy highway — the speeding car is reduced to scrap metal by the tanker lorry in no time. Shattered glass shards sparkle on the black tar, mingled with specks of bright red. The man behind the wheel is severely injured. Some hands reach inside the vehicle to pull him out, while others look for a phone to dial for an Ambulance….

As the first private hospital to engage in Emergency Ambulance Relief Centres our goal is to make the zone free from fatalities and use the golden hour in the best possible way to save a life.

Fact Check # 2

Road Traffic Accidents are the leading cause of death among people aged between 15 and 29 years .

Ambulances are strategically located closer to hotspots where accidents occur frequently based on research data and information gathered from the police.

The EARC of Parvathy Hospital is also aimed at educating the general public at large about the essence of time, when it comes to offering a victim timely emergency assistance.

Fact Check # 3

Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet the right way can reduce the risk of severe injury by 70% and the risk of death by 40% .

Parvathy Hospital’s Ambulance Services are located at:
  1. Chrompet, GST ROAD
  2. Vandalur, Opp Vandalur Zoo
  3. Thozhupedu – Aathur Toll Gate
  4. Meenamakkam- Airport
  5. Perungalathur- Bus stand
  6. Chitlapakkam – Main Road
  7. Padappai
  8. Mamandur – Bus stand
  9. Vels University – Pallavaram

The Ambulance of Parvathy Hospital is equipped with facilities and equipment for resuscitation, we lose no second in giving the victim every chance of survival. With a trained paramedic on board, we have the ambulance standing by at all times in the above mentioned areas.


The ethos of Parvathy hospital is about continuous research and innovation in the field of Orthopaedics and Traumatology which makes us the pioneers in simplifying complex fractures.

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