Joint Pain Treatment and Cure

Your treatment at Parvathy Hospital is a customized plan which best suits your condition.
Factoring your requirement, age and level of activity, our Orthopaedics weigh options like posture correction, muscle strengthening, intraarticular injections, braces and footwear modifications. Apparently, in an osteoarthritis condition treatments depend on the level or stage of severity of the condition when the patient comes to the doctor. A surgery like a knee resurfacing is considered only as a last resort when all other therapies or treatments fail.


A challenge in mobility is a serious health concern. Your physical ability has a lot to say about the quality of your life. The inability to stand for more than half an hour, or climb onto a bus or train; weight gain because you are unable to walk or jog regularly. Backache, limping and swaying to one side while walking, are all issues that affect your mobility and physical wellness.

Why an Orthopaedic?

These are joint issues and it would be prudence to consult an orthopaedic who would make an assessment of your issue before formulating a treatment plan. We just didn’t say the big ‘O’ word for your joint issue. An Orthopaedic is not always associated with surgery. All that you first need to do is to understand with proper diagnosis the nature and severity of your arthritis or joint problem.

Orthopaedics at Parvathy Hospital carefully weigh every other option or treatment plan based on complete and comprehensive diagnostic tests.
If you have been trying to manage your joint pain or arthritis with the application of ointments, oils, and massage from bone-setters, acupuncture, and the pouring of hot water then it is high time you consult an orthopaedic to get a complete consensus about your condition and the reason for your pain. Over the counter pain killers have its ill effects and it may be just a temporary relief but not a cure.

What is Arthroplasty or Joint Reconstruction?

Arthroplasty is the reconstruction or the repair of the joint (knee, elbow fingers) which has been severely affected by Arthritis. Osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease, forms 90% of all arthritis cases. The procedure restores the functions of the joint, enabling to patient to perform all the actions just like any other normal person of the same age.