The knee is the most important joint and determines the range of mobility in a patient. When Total Condylar Prosthesis or the complete covering of the knee joint with a prosthesis became successful, Knee replacement surgeries took to a sharp increase.

It is the most commonly impaired joint in patients with osteoarthritis and completely cripples and confines a patient to the walls of their home in its advanced stages. As a pioneer in adjudicating knee conditions and recommending the appropriate course of treatment, we have over 20 years of experience in treating geriatric patients. This enables in giving a considerably high success rate on replacement surgeries and better outcomes in treating any condition of the knee.

Parvathy Hospital has the highest number of knee replaced patients who have gone back to full functional activity.

The Knee joint which is critical for any kind of lifestyle modification . Without a proper knee no activity or exercise is possible. We are pioneers in navigated joint replacement surgeries and the only hospital to navigate every knee replacement surgery.

A knee replacement surgery is so much precision and the exact positioning of the implant. Poorly positioned implants may give immediate relief but fail early and do not survive the longevity challenge. Navigation alleviates these challenges on longevity and success rate. Dr. Muthukumar is the only surgeon in the entire country to navigate every knee replacement surgery.

Why Knee Replacement Surgery at Parvathy Hospital?

  • Headed by one of the most experienced Joint Replacement surgeons in the city.
  • 20 years of experience in Joint Replacements.
  • Pioneers in navigated joint replacement surgeries (computer assisted surgeries)
  • Fast track recovery- Start walking the very next day after surgery and get back to home on the 3rd day.
  • Dedicated Operating Room for Joint Replacement surgeries.
  • Various Financial Options from Insurance to EMI
  • High Flexion knee techniques, suited for the Indian way of living (sitting on the floor or using the Indian toilet)
  • Best Physiotherapist facilities with extended Physio care.

The Parvathy Promise

With just a miniscule or a fractional percentage resulting in complications, we promise to ensure the patient returns back to normalcy as soon as possible.

Case Studies

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