Adult Joint Reconstruction

Why Joint Replacement Surgery at all?

Simple! It gives the patient complete relief from pain.

It is the most popular surgery with proven results all over the world.

The procedure is a time tested one and provides the best outcomes for patients who have a range of mobility complications, especially the geriatric population.

Arthritic conditions both inflammatory and non-inflammatory (degenerative) can severely impair a joint. A person suffering from pain in the knee and hip joints is partially or in some cases mostly immobile. The restriction in movement controls every aspect of the person’s life.

Joint Replacement gives back the patient mobility and the freedom to move without pain.

Daily routine; social life; spending time out-doors; cooking or taking care of a family;performance of religious duties like prostrating before god; sitting on the floor and kneeling becomes a herculean task. Typical cases include the inability to walk distances; the inability to climb a flight of stairs and the inability to get up or sit down anywhere swiftly or like a normal person. While these are the very initial symptoms during the onset of the disease, patients with joint problems of both the Hip and Knee slowly become Unsociable.

Does Joint Pain confine you at home?

Patients who have reached a stage where they are completely confined to the four walls of their home, reach the next level of immobility which is excruciating pain every millisecond! Many geriatric patients who want to be free of such pain give up and visit the hospital asking for a limb amputation. Pain levels can be so high. Most patients at this stage too find complete relief from pain in a Joint Replacement Surgery.

The benefits of a Joint Replacement are

Painless Limb
Better Gait
Better range of movement
Better shape and lesser limb deformity
Ability to get back to lifestyle activities

Case Studies

How young Bhuvaneswari got back her life!

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