Trauma Care

Parvathy Hospital was inaugurated in the year 2004 with the objective to provide trauma care to accident victims. The hospital is on the GST road, which ranks highest in the number of accidents in the state.

Trauma care at Parvathy Hospital was started at a time when private hospitals were unwilling to take trauma patients and many victims lost limb salvaging opportunity and life during the golden hour.

Our goal

Quicker and definitive treatment

Our focus

Minimizing damage to the quality of life

Our passion

Saving lives

We scaled our Trauma Care to a LEVEL 1 facility. (Capable of providing comprehensive care, the highest of five levels). Reaching this benchmark in just a span of 3 years since its inception we installed the whole body CT scan which empowered us to arrive at a diagnosis on the victim’s injuries in 60 seconds and equipped other specialties like Plastic and Neuro with consultants and surgeons with a 24/7 availability, along with full-fledged operation theatres.

This turnaround gives the victims definitive intervention within minutes of their arrival. The patient is assessed, resuscitated, stabilized, investigated and inside the theatre in 15 minutes which was much lesser as compared to the average 45 minutes.

33% of Trauma victims require neuro and plastic surgical help. And we have an expert team of plastic reconstructive and neuro consultants. This completely and comprehensively covers trauma care making us one of the best trauma care centers in the state.

EARC – Emergency Ambulance Relief Centers

Parvathy Hospital has its own Emergency Ambulance Relief Centers in and around Chennai.
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Parvathy Hospital

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Case Studies

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