Why Parvathy Hospital for Joint Reconstruction Surgeries

The Hospital is headed by one of the most experienced Joint Replacement surgeons Dr. S. Muthu Kumar and has a 20 year successful history in Joint Replacement surgeries alone. As Pioneers in Navigated or Computer Assisted Surgeries, we are the only hospital which has been navigating every knee replacement surgery. Parvathy Hospital also has the highest number of patients who have gone back to full functional activity after a joint replacement surgery.

First in the Asia Pacific to navigate a Hip Replacement Surgery.
The first to perform the minimal invasive spine surgery.
The first in the state to perform a titanium cranioplasty.

Innovation in Surgical Processes

As a pioneer in making available the newest technology and innovating the existing technology to fit the needs and demands of the people, we introduced the PFN A2variant in order to enable the osteoporotic geriatric patients benefit from the replacement surgery. This made the prosthesis sit perfectly on an aging bone which yielded better results on patient- mobility after the surgery. This innovation made Parvathy Hospital a very popular and reliable health partner.

  • Our Operation Theatres are the best in the country. As seamlessly sealed pocket of clean air
  • All surgeons in the OT are in the SPACE SUIT or BODY EXHAUST SYSTEM to reduce the contamination from the operating team.
  • We have the expertise in handling infected knees from other hospitals too.Dedicated Operation theaters for Joint Replacement at Parvathy Hospital
  • Infection is the lowest in the country- Less than .6%
  • Extending Exclusivity – Patients cannot be more than the 3rd in the list of surgeries in any operation theatre at Parvathy Hospital which reduces their exposure to infection. This is a unique discipline at the hospital which unlike in other hospitals they can be scheduled as the 7th or 8th
  • Joint Replacement Procedures are done with a standard set of protocols for predictable and successful results.
  • Patients are chosen and informed completely about the outcomes of the surgery and the possible mobility they will have

Quality of the Surgical Processes

Functional Outcome- High Flexion knee implants and lifestyle suitable implants.

Focus on replacing the near anatomy of the joints for better mobility and functionality.

Equipped with the capacity and expertise to handle all complications, infections from other hospitals and native treatments.


The ethos of Parvathy hospital is about continuous research and innovation in the field of Orthopaedics and Traumatology which makes us the pioneers in simplifying complex fractures.

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