Top 4 Reasons to Choose India for Medical Tourism

40-year-old Khaled Ansari from Dubai came to Parvathy Hospital for a total knee replacement surgery last year. Mr Ansari lived alone and had been suffering from excruciating knee pain for the last five years.

The ever-annoying pain had brought an end to his active social life, and he dreaded walking or moving around. With no health insurance, seeking a knee replacement surgery seemed practically out of question. Then, Mr Ansari finally decided to take matters into his own hands and started researching about medical tourism.

He found out that knee replacement surgery cost at a tier-1 hospital like Parvathy would be almost one-fourth of what he would pay in his own country.

He connected with us and we prepared a customised plan for him, which included knee replacement surgery complete with sightseeing! Last month, Mr Ansari visited us for a follow-up checkup. By now, he had reclaimed his life and the spring was back in his steps! Such success stories keep us going at Parvathy.

All over the world, India has become a favoured destination for patients seeking quality healthcare at an affordable cost. Currently, medical tourism in India is valued at $3 billion , as compared to the global market pegged at $17 billion. It is expected to double to $6 billion by 2018. Cost efficiency and cutting-edge technology give India a unique leg-up in medical tourism.

1. Price advantage

A Confederation of Indian Industry report said that cost is a major driver for nearly 80 percent of medical tourism across the globe. Patients Beyond Borders, a US medical travel resource, says, “In India, quality health care could cost up to 90 percent lower than in the US for certain procedures.” Largely, patients travelling to India for treatment and surgical procedures seek joint replacement surgeries , heart, liver and bone marrow transplants, cancer and kidney treatment, and IVF.

A knee replacement surgery in the US will cost you close to the price of a new car! And, especially if you are uninsured, financing it would be almost impossible for the average person. A more affordable way to get a new set of knees is to travel to India. Even if you include the cost of airfare and the stay of your companion, the same surgery will still cost you one-fourth or lesser in an accredited healthcare setup.

What factors will influence the cost of your knee replacement

The cost of your knee surgery depends on factors like type of knee replacement, implant type, and hospital charges.

1. Type of knee replacement

After carefully evaluating your knee joint, your doctor will decide whether you are suited for a total knee replacement or a partial knee replacement? If both of your knees hurt, your orthopaedic may recommend both-knees (bilateral implant). If a bilateral implant is carried out in a single setting, you tend to save on rehabilitation cost, but if it is a staged procedure and carried out over two surgeries, the overall expenditure for knee replacement increases.

2. Implant type

The type of implant you will choose will also decide the cost of your treatment. A high-flex knee implant will cost you more, whereas an implant allowing flexion of 110 degrees would cost less. You need to carefully evaluate your lifestyle activities before you choose the implant.

3. Hospital type

For an affordable knee surgery, you need to carefully evaluate the hospital type. High-end corporate hospitals will definitely cost you more than a quality-value-for-money hospital like Parvathy. When choosing your hospital, you should keep in mind the expertise of the orthopaedic surgeon as well as physiotherapy facilities available at the hospital. Parvathy hospital is founded by Dr. Muthukumar, an orthopaedic surgeon, par-excellence. At Parvathy, we provide personalised care to the patients, unlike a corporate hospital.

2. Cutting-edge technology in healthcare

Over the last few years, the healthcare sector in India has seen a vast improvement in terms of facilities and quality. The Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) has made it compulsory for hospitals to be accredited by NABH (National Accreditation Board of Hospitals) if they are empanelled under CGHS.

Overall, India has 35,416 government hospitals, of which till July 2017, only 472 hospitals are accredited by NABH and Parvathy hospital is one among them. NABH accreditation is the gold standard for establishing clinical excellence and patient-centricity of the hospitals.

Moreover, most medical consultants and surgeons in India have studied and practised overseas at some point in their career. Therefore, they are well aware of the best healthcare practices pursued internationally. At Parvathy, for example, we have conducted Asia-Pacific’s first navigated hip replacement surgery. We have also pioneered Computer Assisted Joint Replacement Surgeries and we successfully conduct over 5000 successful joint replacement surgeries yearly.

Obviously, the cutting-edge clinical excellence of Indian doctors is attracting patients from Africa and the Middle East, as these countries do not have equivalent clinical expertise. Currently, Bangladesh and Afghanistan dominate the Indian medical value travel with 34 percent share

3. Ease of communication and reach

English is the second language for a majority of Indians. This makes easier for foreigners travelling to India to communicate with the doctors and the support staff. Reaching medical tourist hubs like Chennai, Mumbai, and Delhi is also easier for international patients due to an expansion of airports and increase in the number of domestic and international flights.

4. Medical tourism friendly policies

The Ministry of Tourism has set up the National Medical & Wellness and Tourism Board in order to provide a dedicated institutional framework for promoting medical tourism.

The centre has liberalised e-visa norms with effect from April 1, 2017 and e-visas have been categorised into e-tourist visa, e-business visa and e-medical visa. Now, foreigners travelling to India for medical reasons can get triple entry on medical visas.

The skyrocketing cost of healthcare in western countries certainly makes India a favoured destination for less-expensive quality healthcare.

If you are looking for a permanent solution for your knee pain, your search for a quality orthopaedic hospital ends at Parvathy. Call us at +91 044 2238 2248, or write to us at

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