Meaningful Work, Continuous Growth

Career - Jan 18, 2024 by Dr.Ankit

At Parvathy Hospital, fostering your personal and professional advancement takes precedence. Our commitment to your growth is reflected in a range of development programs and volunteer opportunities that align with our mission and values, empowering team members to thrive in ways that hold personal significance.

Holistic Development Initiatives

From your initial day of orientation, an array of development programs awaits, shaping you as a caregiver, a professional, a team contributor, and a leader. Our offerings include:
  • Continuing Education: Tailored for healthcare professionals seeking ongoing learning.
  • e-Learning Modules and In-Person Courses: Comprehensive training and skill development opportunities.
  • Grand Rounds: Engaging sessions for physicians, nurses, and clinicians.
  • Rapid Improvement Events: Opportunities for team members to actively participate in Lean transformation.
Beyond these system-wide initiatives, individual departments provide unique development opportunities specific to their teams and areas of expertise.

Community Engagement

At Parvathy Hospital, our impact extends beyond facility walls, positively influencing patients and the community at large. Through our volunteer program, Parvathy Hospital Serves, we focus on wellness education, enhancing access to care, community revitalization, and obesity prevention. Volunteer opportunities include:
  • Day of Service: Frequency high-impact events where over 200 team members contribute to community health priorities through projects such as revitalizing parks, planting trees, aiding the underprivileged, and providing educational sessions in schools and colleges.
  • Lunch and Learns: Educational sessions for team members to delve deeper into community organizations.
  • Volunteer Projects: Impactful service projects with various community organizations throughout the year.
In addition to our volunteer programs, we invest over Rs. 11,00,000 annually in community benefit programs (Under CSR), addressing areas such as affordable healthcare, behavioral health and substance abuse, and promoting healthy weight and nutrition.

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