Department of Rehabilitation

A patient’s recovery and mobility depends largely on the rehabilitation and post-op care offered by the hospital, team of nurses, therapists and physicians who monitor progress. Parvathy Hospital approaches rehabilitation and post –op care with a structured plan and a list of protocols. Progress and recovery of the patient is tracked closely to accelerate healing time which enables the patient to return to normal life faster.

Parvathy hospital leads in physio and rehab care in Chennai.

The Hospital also provides for extended physiotherapy sessions or house visits to enable a faster recovery. These are initiatives of Parvathy Hospital’s promise to mobilize the patient at the earliest and in the best possible way.

Physiotherapy at Parvathy Hospital

The type of physiotherapy offered to every patient as per the treating Ortho’s advice may vary depending on the intensity or the level of Orthopaedic condition of the patient. With the finest equipment and highly trained team of therapists……

Therapy ranges from Exercise, Electro and Cryotherapy. The Physiotherapy activity at Parvathy Hospital is preceded by a list of assessments which include your

  • Health History
  • Evaluation of your pain and movement patterns
  • Strength
  • Joint range and motion
  • Reflexes
  • Cardio-respiratory status and sensation.

For many seniors and patients with arthritis, physiotherapy critically facilitates independent living and the maintenance of the level of physical function. Therapists at Parvathy Hospital push your physical limitations helping the patient to secure the Freedom of Function.

Our therapists work on objectives that benefit the patient with reduction in: Chronic pain, Improvement in joint mobility, Increasing strength and coordination and Improved Cardio-Respiratory function.

Patient Testimonials

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